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At church last Sunday, we were blessed with a powerful testimony of faith.

After leaving the God is a Brown Girl Too® Retreat, a number of participants stopped by a gas station on their way through Manhattan.  Between the excitement of saying good-byes, giving directions and jumping back into cars, someone lost their wallet.  She didn’t realize it until she got back into her car and was approaching Brooklyn.

Unfortunately, by the time her attention turned to the wallet, she had been maneuvering through traffic on I-95 and the last time she had seen the wallet was when she laid it on the hood of her convertible.

 A car hood is a vulnerable place to have a wallet sitting on any moving vehicle — not to mention on top of one in fast-moving traffic on a NYC highway.  The steps that one would have to retrace to locate it would be impossible to recreate.  Here, the various scenarios of it flying off into oblivion would be too numerous to imagine, especially because the last point of contact — the gas station — was miles away in the distance.   But after such an extraordinary women’s retreat, only faith filled the hearts of the passengers concerned about the missing wallet.

Charged with faith, one of the passengers called the gas station.  One counseled the driver to have faith that the wallet would manifest.  Another passenger used her faith to pray for a favorable outcome.  And after she was ministered to, the driver decided not to worry about her wallet.  With faith, she continued driving to Brooklyn and left the matter in the hands of the universe.

When she faithfully got out of the car to drop off her first passenger, she witnessed what she called a “miracle.”  Her wallet was still sitting where she had put it — not in a fold or a crease — but right on her hood!  It was as though divine order had converged the centrifugal force of space and time and gravity to suspend the wallet in its right place — so that it was not thrown or tossed, but simply rode atop the car — with all of its contents intact.

Faith is not a power to be taken lightly.

Faith pushes us out of the realm of appearances and posits us in the reality of unlimited good.  Faith pulls us away from the consciousness where we simply ask God — and connects with the super-consciousness where our good has already manifested.  Faith catapults us beyond asking to believing that whatever we ask for, we receive.  Faith blesses us with a patience beyond human comprehension — to know that our good is here.

Faith is one of the 12 powers we are studying.  Although the foundation for our study is a book that Charles Fillmore wrote in 1930, entitled The Twelve Powers of Man (Unity Books), we are now able to expand our interpretation of the 12 powers within according to the teachings of our more ancient ancestors  — who developed a basis for spiritual power centers thousands of years before Fillmore was born.

The pineal gland — located in the brain behind the eyes — is said to be the physical entry of spiritual enlightenment, and through that illumination, it is also known as the gateway to faith.  It is the home of higher consciousness, healing power, and psychic perception.  In her book, Opening to Spirit, Caroline Shola Arewa, an expert on African teachings on the healing power of the   chakras, says that melatonin is excreted by the pineal gland, which encourages receptivity to the creative consciousness of Spirit.  Melatonin levels, Arewa says, are at their highest between the hours of 4 A.M. and 6 A.M., producing the best consciousness to create, meditate, and be more open and receptive to Spirit.

Our Faith Power is associated with deep indigo blue energy, which is said to be the color associated with the deep blue of midnight — an energy that radiates outward and encompasses all things with compassion and connection to all life.  It is in the evening, through dreams that Jacob receives spiritual messages.

The Bible says, in that place called “Peniel” (or Pineal), he “sees God face-to-face” — and his life is spared.  He is reborn in a new consciousness.  In the Spirit, one could say that his Pineal gland was opened.  The Bible says that the sun rose above him as he passed Peniel.  He saw with new light.  When we tap into and turn on the power associated with our Pineal Gland, our Faith organ, we see God face-to-face. 

Peter represents Faith in the Bible.  He sometimes faltered, but he was also more steadfast than the other disciples.  He was the only one who actually tried to walk the water.

Whenever Jesus heals an affliction, he tells the person healed that it was their Faith that made them whole.  Through Faith, we know that God goes before us to make easy, joyous and successful our way — regardless of the appearances.  Through Faith, we can trust — like our sister who recovered her wallet on the top of her hood — that even what seems to have been lost will be restored.  Through Faith, we know that we are blessed and thus realize our blessings.


Reverend Cecilia Loving

 About SPIRITMUV:  Spiritmuv® is a trans-denominational church, which means that it transcends the confines of religion and teaches unconditional love for one another regardless of race, creed, culture, or religion.   At the heart of its teachings is what Jesus taught — that we love one another, as well as the community that Mahatma Ghandi inspired when he said, “I am a Christian and a Muslim and a Hindu and a Jew.”  Reverend Cecilia Loving is the founder and creator of Spiritmuv, which was formed in 2007.  Services are held for an hour every Sunday, from 2:30 P.M. to 3:30 P.M. at the Unity Center of NYC, located at 213 West 58th Street.

Rev. Loving, author of Prayers for Those Standing in the Edge of Greatness, is the sole owner, creator and administrator of God is a Brown Girl Too®, which holds annual retreats and workshops.  The next God is a Brown Girl Too Retreat will be held April 1-3, 2011, at the Mariandale Retreat and Conference Center.

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The God is Brown Girl Too® Retreat this past weekend was not a “retreat” at all.  Rather than a retreat, it was as our spirit sister Oza described — a “movement forward.”  The “Awaken to Love” movement was one of those unforgettable moments in time when all of the forces of the universe are in perfect alignment with an idea whose time has come.  Thus, it was in divine order that “Awaken to Love” opened our minds to reach beyond the appearance of physical limitation to the divine rhythm of endless possibility.  Our hearts were freshly anointed to beat beyond the ordinary into the extraordinary.  Our consciousness was newly uplifted to realize the sacred in the simplistic.  Our souls were synchronized in joyous surrender to Spirit by the story of God is a Brown Girl Too, accompanied by the beauty of Malesha Jessie singing Awaken to Love.  We could not have planned a more perfect “movement forward”; the universe did it for us.

The moment we entered the sacred space of the Mariandale Retreat Center last Friday evening, we knew that we would be transformed forever.  Owned by the Dominican Sisters of Hope, its captivating peace and warm embrace is a beautiful sanctuary overlooking Eagle Bay — that does not withhold its endless gifts of gentle breezes, peaceful shade, calm waters, and the everlasting witness of God.

With the convergence of many religions, faiths, perspectives, and beliefs, we rose above the division of differences to celebrate the fact that there is nothing that we cannot do, nothing that we cannot be, nothing that we cannot summon from God as our creator constantly creating.  We carry the universe in our souls, justice in our wombs, and triumph in our magic.  When we come together, we know that nothing and no one can stop us from attaining the good that God is expressing as us.

Auah Tuah Nera Freeman, a powerful actor from Washington D.C. , and I performed part of God is a Brown Girl Too, along with Malesha Jessie, we could feel the magic of the Holy Spirit baptizing us in new waters of faith.  We could feel the incredible and the magical and the fantastic emerging as us.  And we knew that it was something better than a fleeting moment, that it was — as Malesha sang — a change come over us — that would be transformational.

Sonya Johnson sang be Still and Know that I AM God from her beautiful Worship From the Heart CD — blessing us into the stillness and centering us in the wisdom that we must look neither here nor there but to the Kingdom of God within us.

We opened our hearts and witnessed love creating, love releasing, love evolving, love planting, love expressing as us.

Everyone was a divine contributor to our entire body of love and light, including worship leader Celestine Walker who brought the love of her spirit all of the way from Detroit with worship songs, testimony and exaltation of the words of God; healing goddess Cynthia Adams, who reminded us to lay our burdens down by the riverside; gentle touch visionary Bianca Townsend, who healed us with her gift of massage and the beauty of her photography; and Rev. Mari Rodriguesz Ragsdale, who centered us in the heart of ancestral love and spiritual de-cluttering.

Oza Plynton, Spiritmuv’s new Meditation Leader and sister of divine fulfillment, fed us with not only her wisdom but also her extraordinary culinary skills.  If you ever have an opportunity to buy a piece of any of her dishes don’t hesitate to partake.  I see a corner bakery named Oza’s smoothly unfolding.  It is a blessing that a sister who is so open and receptive to Spirit can also “throw down” as a chef.

Aakhu Tuah Nera poured the libation in a way that not only honored those who came before us but also allowed us to stay connected with them forever.

As my mother, Rev. Dr. Myrtle Ross said during one of our circles of light — if we could honor our ancestors the way we praise Jesus, we could tap the full spectrum of power that is always embracing us and unfold our own magic with the help that all of our ancestors — all of whom stand ready to help us.

One of the highlights was the robing ceremony honoring Spiritmuv Prayer Minister Raquiba LaBrie, who is also one of the main visionaries and supporters of God is a Brown Girl Too.  In the physical realm, she is really the spiritual glue that holds our prayer circle lifted in the love and light of God.  Rev. Ross presented her with a prayer shawl on behalf of Spiritmuv and sisters of light stood with Raquiba because as Rev. Ross reminded us — “none of us should ever be made to stand alone.”

Early Saturday morning, Prayer Warrior Raquiba blessed us with an early morning meditational knock at our doors — to awaken us to love, and we were all glad that we did.  An hour later, movement minister Esther Sylvester led us through our love walks through the labyrinth.  Not only was there as celebration of what we wanted but also that we were grateful for Spirit’s immediate response.

Elizabeth Walker, divine diva of organization and beauty, shined her light of love on every crack and crevice of registration, assuring that we would take care of business as seamlessly as she does.  Bayliss Fiddiman was by her side, assisting with all of the details.

It was Bayliss who ignited the passion of the creative Spirit in us as we drew goddesses to celebrate the divine within.  We know that we are the inexhaustible force of an energy that is greater than the human body temples of God.  Bayliss helped us re-discover and express love as us in a new way.  The Creativity Room expanded beyond spaces of confinement and the boxes that we once stepped in were torn down.

Najah Brown reminded us of the importance of youth, tireless energy, and joyful presence.  Both he and my husband Marlon Cromwell are all of those things and more — the men behind God is a Brown Girl Too and Spiritmuv — without which it wouldn’t run as smoothly and effortlessly as it does.

If you missed this powerful gathering of like-minded sisters of Spirit, don’t worry.  There will be similar gatherings for you to participate in.  But after this one, I have one piece of advice.  Register early, and don’t miss it — at least if you want to awaken to the freedom of endless possibilities, divine opportunities, new dreams, quiet healings, and prophetic callings.  Not only did we awaken to love but we also listened.  In the peaceful stillness, we heard God praying us.  We loved and felt beings of light in our midst praying as us.  And in the end, we remembered, and stood proudly on the prayers of our ancestors — lifting us above every obstacle, every fear, every doubt, every hesitation, every appearance of lack.  When we left, there was no uncertainty in our minds, hearts and souls — that we were our Mother God’s creation and our Father God’s child, which at the very least means that we are gods.


Reverend Cecilia Loving

GOD IS A BROWN GIRL TOO® is grateful for SPIRITMUV Member Bianca Townsend’s Photographic Essay of “Awaken to Love.”

All of the materials in God is a Brown Girl Too® and Spiritmuv messages are copyrighted by and may not be used without the written permission of Cecilia Loving. 

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love9When I began working on God is a Brown Girl, Too, I could not imagine how it would take shape, but I knew that I was called to create it.  When we are called to do something, spirit-moved into action, soul-motivated to be obedient to the Holy Spirit, we don’t have to worry about how it will take shape.  God goes before us to do the work that we are appointed us to do.  All of the pieces fall into place.  The right people show up to help us.  Mentors appear from seemingly out of nowhere to guide us.  New ideas bless us with creative expressions of divine source.  Resources that we had never imagined unfold our unlimited blessings.  And we witness the magic of the universe giving shape to something bigger than who we are in the flesh.

love For example, this weekend at the Awaken to Love Retreat, we will enjoy the magic of God is a Brown Girl Too unfolding a new story that recognizes that God is not limited but is constantly creating through an endless stream of love.  Gospel Songstress Sonya Johnson will bless us with some beautiful music from her album, Opera Singer Malesha Jessie will uplift us with her music ministry, Worship Leader Celestine Walker will bless us with her ministry, and beautiful and talented actor Aakhu Tuah Nera Freeman will perform selections from the God is a Brown Girl Too script.  And tomorrow evening, the magic begins.  Hope you will be joining us.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a multimillionaire from Scarsdale or a brown girl from the South Bronx, the magic begins the moment you realize God is blessing you from a wellspring of inexhaustible source.  Look not to your life, nor to your right — just know that the magic is here.  The love of God is within our body temples, our soul auras and our minds re-wakening, just waiting to unfold good as us.   Some call it grace, some call it a miracle, some call it luck, some call it the silence.  Some simply say, “It is done.”

When you truly believe that it is done and you speak with a god-is-a-brown-girl-too-2010-listeningconsciousness of power and faith, Spirit will embrace  you with an abundance of success.  You will know without a doubt that all of those things that you need in the material world are manifesting right now.   You will start recognizing the pure potential that God is expressing as you.  You will no longer fear a retreat into the silence because you will know that God is always speaking to us: all we have to do is listen.

god-is-a-brown-girl-too-2010-awaken-to-love-threeStop tip-toeing around the periphery of your greatness and allow your magic to begin with the understanding that Spirit is the omnipotent creator of the shape and form and texture of everything in your midst!  Open your heart to the power that is never separate from who you are in Spirit.  Jesus said that you are such a magnificent heir to the throne that all you have to do is ask, and it is done.

god-is-a-brown-girl-too-2010-awaken-to-loveAwaken to the truth that that the Kingdom of God is within us.  Awaken to power of Love — anointing you and cleansing you and expressing as you.  The magic, the Kingdom that you have long prayed for, is here.  It is done!  Judge not by the appearances of less or the vision of lack.  See rightly the success that is always shining its light through you.  We do not need the economic appearances of health, the promises of others, the limited resources that we see in the physical world.  The only thing that we need is the full and complete understanding of our divine nature.

Namaste,  Reverend Cecilia Loving

All of the materials in God is a Brown Girl Too® email messages are copyrighted by and may not be used without the written permission of Cecilia Loving. 

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Rev. Loving is the Spiritual Leader of Spiritmuv, which holds its services at the Unity Center of NYC, from 2:30 to 3:30 PM, located at 213 W. 58th Street.  Except this Sunday, July 18, 2010, its services will be held at the Mariandale Retreat Center.


I am grateful for the number of people who have supported the upcoming God is a Brown Girl Too Retreat.  Regardless of race, religion or ethnicity — people of all cultures, ages and sexes have given their support for an organization that dispenses with the notion that God is an old man in the sky and embraces the truth that we all have the Kingdom of God within us.   With the retreat less than ten days away, the commitment from family and friends to honor the fact that we are all made in God’s image and likeness is not something that I take lightly.  In this season of holidays and barbeques, it is sometimes easier to just put our feet up and do nothing rather than make a concerted effort to center in the Spirit within.

But when we want to make a difference in our lives and the lives of others, we have to take advantage of the gift that we all have — to choose.   We can choose to transform our consciousness, choose to move beyond where we are now, choose to move to where we want to be.  It is through divine choice that this country was able to pursue life, liberty and happiness.  It is through divine choice that we have all been called to rise up and live out the true meaning of the creed that we are all created equal.  We all have equal access to God.

Regardless of what we are doing, or where we choose to go ,or do, or be, we can tap into the Spirit that lives in us, that is — as Jesus said — our counselor, teacher, and  guide.  Regardless of what the appearances are in the physical, we all have the same ability to slow down long enough to hear the divine vibrations that are centered in each one of us — as the temple of a living God.  Regardless of whether you are attending the God is a Brown Girl Too Retreat or not — find the space to re-connect with your divine self this summer.

Some of my best meditations are walking along Smith Street in Carroll Gardens, or feeling the breeze on the Brooklyn Bridge.  It was on the subway that it occurred to me that the truth that our so-called Founding Fathers had — is equally available to each one of us — to be pioneers of something wonderful, in mind, body or spirit.  In fact, I don’t believe they had any idea of the magnitude of what they were memorializing in 1776; it was much bigger than who they were in the physical.  The Spirit that led them surpassed  their time-space reality, their own boundaries of socio-political-economic dynamics.  But because they were obedient to their calling, we all benefit from their Declaration of Independence today.

god-will-see-you-through-thirteenWe are only a fragment of what God expresses through us.  In 1942, Mahatma Gandhi said “I am a Christian, and a Hindu and a Muslim, and a Jew.”  I have moved beyond the superficiality of race and religion and class to fulfill God’s divine appointment as an expression of love for all humanity.

god-will-see-you-through-elevenTake a moment in the celebration of sunshine and warmth and plant the seeds of a new story.  The harvest of autumn will arrive before you know it, so center in the consciousness that will restore and recharge you, so that you can move forward re-energized and renewed — ready to reap God’s good as you.

We will be praying without ceasing next week — July 16 through 18 — during our retreat at the Mariandale Retreat Center.  Make a divine choice to meditate with us, move with us, sing with us, shout with us, dance with us, create with us, heal with us.   But most importantly, listen with us.  God is always speaking — everywhere — at once.  And we all have equal access to God’s voice.

All of the materials in God is a Brown Girl Too® email messages are copyrighted by and may not be used without the written permission of Cecilia Loving. 

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Paulette Pipe was spirit-led to retreat into the silence for forty days and forty nights.  There, she found a healing place in the heart of God that looked like a cabin in a forest, with a small bed, a kitchenette, a bathroom, and a writing desk.  The cabin had a screened-in porch that was surrounded by tall trees, which she felt held her “in the womb of silence.”  This Shantivanam healingor “Forest of Peace” gave her the space to release, restore and reunite with Spirit.  She dreamed prophetic dreams, moved beyond the appearances of things, and bore witness to the truth.  (See Paulette Pipe, “The Voice in the Silence,” Unity Magazine, July/August 2010, at pp. 20-22)

When we go away and pray awhile, we forge a path that awakens to love and resurrects in the divine within.   By our witness to solitude and introspection, we allow the summer to open new spaces of retreat and  embrace us with the recreation, re-envisioning and re-connection of God’s heart fully open.  We have to rejoice in the time away from obligations — catching our breath in the rhythm of our being.  We need to re-enter the soul with intention, and find there the refreshment, renewal and rejuvenation of our purpose on this planet.   We need to slow down long enough to listen and resonate with the beat of the spiritual pulse that is always giving us direction.

still-3Are you listening?  Or are you standing in the way of your own good?  Are you diving without hesitation into the wellspring of nonresistance and surrendering to the Kingdom within?   Or are you worried about what other people think, caught up in the straight-jacket of  other people’s opinions, limited to appearances of lack and limitation?  Have you stopped preventing yourself from being too happy, too successful, too visible, too loud, too different, too much?  Or are you still worried about people hatin’ on you — because you know and you show that you are the temple of a living God? 

still-4If we cannot love ourselves fully and completely, then we will never transcend the jealousy and envy and hateful attempts to sabotage other people’s success.  The truth is that many of us hate on each other because we dislike ourselves.   The truth is that many people disregard and disrespect each other because they have no idea how to celebrate themselves.   We need to sing our song and dance our dance and speak our speech and take our stand — because the Spirit in us is the most powerful force in the universe.

still-22It doesn’t matter if you are a Christian or a Muslim or a Buddhist or a Hindu or a Jew, we all live and move and have our being in the Spirit.  Our beloved Jesus said love one another.   He said stop second-guessing yourselves: you are the light of the world!  Stop second-guessing the gifts and talents that God is expressing as you!  Put your lamp on its stand, and give light to everyone in the house.  Stop sabotaging yourselves.

There is a healing place in the heart of God.  We have to honor heal9ourselves enough to go there and recognize ourselves in the beauty of infinite possibilities.   We have to honor ourselves enough to release the television and the internet and the cell phones and other electronic devices, and surrender our prayers to the endless ethers of inexhaustible supply and look God squarely in the eye.  We have to honor ourselves enough to forgive, forget, find new beginnings, and plant fresh seed there.

There is a healing place in the heart of God.  But we have to take the heal3time to go there and be a witness to the co-creative power of Spirit expressing as us.  We have to do the work that it takes to peel back the layers of resistance and allow ourselves to surrender to the Kingdom within.   We have to learn to dance again — to the rhythm of the universe that reminds us of the harmony we all share.  We have to learn to walk again — toward the goals that are always giving way to good for all.  We have to learn to write again — by believing that we are here to be the best and the beautiful and the bright shining stars that we are.  We have to learn how to sing again — our own song that knows one lyric — Hallelujah!

healing-10 We have to learn to give again — not because we want something back but because we want to bring happiness to others.  We have to learn to be silent again — and in that stillness — allow ourselves to be loved and delivered.  We have to learn to find that connection with Spirit again — and in that Oneness know that we always in the heart of completion.  And there is nowhere else to go or be — but here.

All of the materials in God is a Brown Girl Too® email messages are copyrighted by and may not be used without the written permission of Cecilia Loving. 

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god-is-a-brown-girl-too-2010-retreat-161I was at the Mariandale Retreat Center today to ensure that on July 16-18, God is a Brown Girl Too®‘s second annual retreat will provide an awesome opportunity for you to “Awaken to Love,” which is this year’s theme.  I am excited, so excited that I feel like jumping up and down in anticipation because I know that we are going to have a fabulous time.  It is the perfect environment for you to do the work that needs to be done to release and heal, rejuvenate and energize, recreate and resurrect the power and presence of God in you.  So get your registrations in!  You don’t want to miss this powerful gathering of sisters in the Spirit.  We are coming from Washington D.C., North Carolina, Michigan, New Jersey, California, and several other places to center in a new energy, hear a new calling, and receive a new story of the inexhaustible source of God expressing as us.  We will meditate, pray, praise, worship, enter the silence, and receive our blessings in a magnificent way.

I have extended the $100 discount deadline to July 1, so you can register on line and send your check to me to avoid that part of the registration fee.  This amount includes a single room, three meals, powerful workshops, and spiritual grounds to open the mind, heart and soul in a new way.

In the interim, enjoy the words of Victory, one of the voices of God is a Brown Girl Too that was heard at the last retreat:

GBGII CoverI am the time before, the was then, the beginning now.  I am the breath-filled space, the light-filled hand, the love-filled heart, the joy-filled dance.  Prayers call to me, and I anoint believers with the evidence of things hoped for and the miracles of things unseen.  When everyone is looking for God, as something more extraordinary than themselves, they will miss me — even though I am here.

I am the time before, the was then, the beginning now.  I am the breath-breath-10filled space, the light-filled hand, the love-filled heart, the joy-filled dance.  Prayers call to me, and I anoint believers with the evidence of things hoped for and the miracles of things unseen.  When everyone is looking for God, as something more extraordinary than themselves, they will miss me — even though I am here.

If I need you to release your fears, will you open your eyes and realize the strength of your own salvation?  Will you praise the divine creation that you are?  Will you kneel with me at the altar of infinite possibilities?  Will you keep your promise to be the blessing that you were born to be? 

Discover the Power Within ThreeWho am I?  They call me Victory.  What am I?  I am the daughter of the first and the last, the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega — brown as the soil of my mother.  Where am I? I live wherever you shine your light. 

If you are waiting by the healing pool for someone to lift you in; if you are reaching to touch the garment of wholeness; if you are weary in the race and cannot go any further; if you are down in the valley and need some lifting up, then all you have to do is call my name.

breath3I am greater than you could ever imagine.  I am the healing balm, the burning bush, the living water.
I can walk through the fire, cut to the chaise, rise to the occasion. I never lose, never miss, never  falter.
I am closer to you than hands and feet, closer to you than the air that you breathe and the space that you take up.

Victory is my name, and you — made in the image and likeness of God — are all that I am. 

breath-7If you are looking for God, if you are looking for freedom, if you are looking for prosperity — all you have to do is look within.  And there, you will find me.  I am the ground upon which you stand, more than the economy, richer than a stimulus, better than a job.  I am the divine surplus — always giving, always forming, always molding, always shaping, always rewarding, always liberating.

If you have forgotten me, re-discover who you are, taste the wisdom of your highest self, push past your self-imposed limitations, leave the prison of your own mind, and imagine God as simple as a plain brown girl.

Taken from the book, God is a Brown Girl Too, by   Reverend Cecilia Loving © 2010
Pastor, SPIRITMUV  (www.spiritmuv.com

All of the materials in God is a Brown Girl Too® email messages are copyrighted by and may not be used without the written permission of Cecilia Loving. 

Register for the God is a Brown Retreat this July 16-18, at the Mariandale Retreat Center by going to http://www.godisabrowngirltoo.com.  You don’t want to miss it!

This Sunday, JOIN SPIRITMUV FOR PART V OF OUR 7-PART SERIES ON TERRIE COLE-WHITAKER’S BOOK, What You Think of Me is None of My Business, from 2:30 P.M. to 3:30 P.M., at the Unity Center of NYC, 213 West 58th Street, between Broadway and 7th Avenue.



1.  We are created in the image and likeness of God.  2.  We live and move and have our being in God.
  3.  We are temples of the living God.

4.  It is written in our laws that we are Gods.

5.  We are the first and the last, the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega.

6.  If we, whose mother is older as Lucy’s bones, have become disembodied from spiritual Oneness, then so has all of her creation.

7.  The Kingdom of God is neither here nor there, it is within us.

8.  God is in the Messiah and the Messiah is in us and we are in the Messiah.

9.  We ask and receive.

10.  We seek and find.

11.  We knock and the door is opened.

12.  Spirit lives in us and breathes in us.

13.  God’s infinite possibility is expressing as us.

14.  We have a conscious connection with Spirit that goes before us to do the work that we are appointed to do.

15.   We manifest the right people, who show up to help us when we need help.

16.  Even when we can’t see the finish line, the road rises up to meet us, and shows us the way. 

17.  We make a way out of no way.

18.  We speak truth to power.

19.  The Lord is our Shepherd, there is nothing that we want.

20.  We are the pure potential of God expressing as us. 

21.  We are children of God.

22.  We are heirs to the throne.

23.  We are answers to prayers.

24.  We are  responsible for our lives, moving from where we stand now to experience the best possible moment.

25.  We walk by faith and not by sight. 

26.  We do not fear the terror by night, nor the arrow that flies by day.

27.  We are creation constantly re-inventing itself.

28.  We are beauty in the souls of every beholder.

29.  We are vision moving past pain.

30.  Angels guard us in all our ways. 

31.  Tables are prepared for us in the presence of our enemies.

32.  Manna falls from our heavens.

33.  New stories re-tell our lives from new pages.

34.  There is nothing that we cannot do.

35.  We are the light of the world, a city upon the hill that cannot be hidden.

36.  We are the steps, moving into the greatness that we are.

37.  We are endless potential pulling dreams through infinite possibilities.

38.  Divine Mind is always guiding us in perfect harmony, always praying us in loving grace.

39.       We dance in the dawn of magical ideas, listen to the call of unharnessed love, welcome the realm of inexhaustible source.

40.  We fly with the wings of faith.

41. We know the way, and we walk in it.

42.  We dance with the hips of deliverance, push past the poison of doubt, rise above the fray of appearances, and give with a love that never, ever holds back.

43.  We leave old wineskins and pour ourselves beyond the bottles, boxes and bags that can no longer contain us.

44.  We stand on the shoulders of our ancestors, full of new hope
— finding its way beyond the whispers lost between clasped hands.

45.  We breathe the breath of God. 

46.  We are everywhere and always present. 

47.  We are the light of God radiating back as Herself.

48.  We are the consciousness of Truth, speaking nothing but itself.

49.  We are the fullness and completeness of all that our Mother-Father-God is. 

50.  We are daughters of all beginnings – always pure, always graceful, always dynamic, always blessed. 

51.  We are prophetic voices lifted from the dust of dreams deferred – culminating in divine love awakening. 

52.  We are not limited by flesh, but are glorified by Spirit.

53.  We will do even greater works.

54.  Who is God and what does She look like, if not us? 

55.  We are mountains high enough, rivers wide enough and valleys low enough; we are the center and the circumference. 

56.  We have not forgot the God who gave us birth.

57.  We are as old as time and as young as those who have yet to born.

 58.   We are the pulse and the flavor — the talented and the wise: “How you doing?”

 59.  We are – our past, our present, our future, and our dreams.

60.  They try to bury us, but our bones just keep rising up. 

61.  We are the greater wholeness — always seeking expression.

62.   We are still.

63.  We are endless motion, stretching forward, taking the limits off, and removing the boundaries.

64.  We are the time before, the been has, the was then, the until now.

65.  We are the breath-filled space, the light-filled hand, the love-filled heart, the joy-filled dance.

66.  When everyone is busy looking for God, as something more extraordinary than themselves, they will miss us, even though we are  here.

67.  Just like “I AM that I AM,” we are that we are.

68.  We are the healing balm, the burning bush, the living water.

69.  We are the infinite flow of substance.

70.  We are the wisdom of our highest self.

71.  You live in our heart.

72.  We do all things through the Spirit as us.

73.  We run the race and don’t get weary.

74.  We move mountains with our faith.

75.   We can leap and the net appears.

76.   We bring good tidings to the afflicted; we bind the broken-hearted; we proclaim liberty for the captives.

77.   We are greater than what our humanness can even imagine.

78.   We are the cup that never stops flowing.

79.   We are Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Moslem, Jew — all religions and none at all.

80.   We are ancient wisdom and new thought.

81.   We are all languages and none at all.

82.  We are sanctified, saved, and serene — singing our own sweet song of freedom.

83.   We envision past appearances, dream unlimited possibilities, and recreate ourselves.

84.  We grow from the consciousness that we create.

 85.  We surrender all.

 86.  We stand at the edge of always, in a new season of victory,

a sacred truth that just keeps directing us back to the vortex of our own power.

87.  We are the sweetness in all fragrance.

88.  We are the interpretation of all dreams.

89.  We are the rhythm underlying all motion.

90.  We are the glory in all hallelujahs.

91.  We are the wave in every ocean.

92.  We are the boldness in all courage.

93.  Nothing and no one can contain us.

94.  God’s face could be no more beautiful.

95.  Our power is not the devil; it’s not Satan; our power is the God in us.

96.  The God in us prays and moves her feet.

97.  The God in us knows that all things come together for our greatest good.

98.  The God in us knows that we are worthy.

99.  The God in us allows us to leap — knowing that the net will appear.

100.  The God in us is our constant victory — even before the race is ever won.


Namaste,  Reverend Cecilia Loving
Pastor, SPIRITMUV  (www.spiritmuv.com )

(All of the materials in God is a Brown Girl Too® email messages are copyrighted by and may not be used without the written permission of Cecilia Loving. )


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god-is-a-brown-girl-too-2010-retreat-073Many of us know that there has been an ongoing  assault on the beauty, strength, success, and wisdom of black women.  The assault was escalated with the release of a movie about “tired black men” — with a sideshow of commentary from one or more misguided rap stars and anybody else who cared to join the attack.   It’s unfortunate that someone thinks so little of humanity’s unlimited potential as children of God that he would dare complain that black women have “standards that are too high.”  The even more troubling aspect of a movie that depicts black women as unworthy, lazy, irrational, angry, evil, insecure, insensitive, bitter, and greedy — is that there were black women who portrayed these caricatures of themselves.

enjoying-the-crowd-at-womens-empowerment-dayThis on-going dialogue of the denigration of black women made me realize that God is a Brown Girl Too® is not only important to a black woman’s understanding of herself as divine but also to the black man’s realization that the black woman is a sacred expression of God.  In July, we are having a retreat for women that will celebrate who we are in the Spirit and re-build, restore and heal our pain.  If there is some work that you need to do in release, or in learning to love yourself, or in tapping the creative power within you, you need to come and join us.  We will have a wonderful time in the beautiful, restorative community of Mariandale.  (See www.godisabrowngirltoo.com for more details.)

gbgii-2012-fNot only are we our Mother’s offspring, but we are also our Father’s daughters in whom he is well-pleased.  Our Father is our creator, our protector, our source, and our strength.  Like my 89 year old Dad, our Father is that energy in the universe that is not merely committed to our achievement but is the foundation of our success.  Dad reminds me constantly that he is proud, supportive and joyous that I am strong, creative and successful.  He acknowledges (like the blogger DaWriter) that “the Black Woman doesn’t need to tone it down a notch, maybe everyone else needs to raise it up a notch.  Rather than telling her to descend, maybe we should concentrate on ascending and reaching higher levels.”


It was my Dad and my husband Marlon and my spiritual brother Patrick Bradford and my brother Christopher Loving who helped fund God is a Brown Girl Too.  Because of their contribution, this wonderful new ministry has been born to restore our spiritual legacy.  They support me in asking how the Mother of Creation was somehow left on the editing room floor when the story of beginnings was told.  They agree — when I say “if we don’t lift the black woman up as made in the image and likeness of God, then how can we see God in her descendants?”  They  demand our respect for the mothers who birthed us, fed us, protected us, healed us, uplifted us, educated us, endorsed us, and restored us.  They  know that if we don’t love our mothers, we cannot love ourselves.

gbgii-2012-gGod is a Brown Girl Too is about God as so much more than the proverbial white man in the sky.  God is much greater than a sex or any time-space continuum.  When anyone looks at a black woman, he should know that the Kingdom of God is within her.  The glory of God is expressing in every aspect of her greatness.  Jesus said the Holy Spirit will live in us and be in us.  He said I am in the Father and you are in me and I am in you.  Paul said we live and move and have our being in God.  There is no separation between all that we are and all that God is.  Fathers must teach their daughters that we are all heirs to the throne.

Marlon walkin on waterRegardless of sex or color, we must begin to open our consciousness to realize that we are greater than we could ever imagine.  There is no reason to fear, despise, resent, patronize, marginalize, or denigrate someone else.  When we do so, we just undermine ourselves.  Fathers must awaken to the reality that we are not just in need of love,  but as gods — we are Love itself — the vehicle for all compassion and patience and understanding and wisdom and enlightenment.  My husband Marlon is always reminding me that God is Love and we are God’s holy dispensers of life’s most precious re-useable source.   The only fight that we need to have is one with our own demons — anything and anyone who blocks our ability to re-connect, re-center, and re-ignite the love that shaped us before we were formed in the womb.

The men in my family and the brothers in my circle of friends help me remember that I am much greater than who I am in the flesh.  I am my Father’s daughter — free and unencumbered by social structures or economic appearances or even religious hierarchy.  We are here to bless the world.  We only stop short of the attainment of our goals, the realization of our dreams and the reinvention of our lives because we get so caught up in the short-sighted meanderings of false prophets that we never fully reach the point of expressing the best in us.

CECILIA LOVING Prayer Circle of women-718.596.8019, 376 President Street, Brooklyn
CECILIA LOVING Prayer Circle of women-718.596.8019, 376 President Street, Brooklyn

Being about my Father’s business, I step outside of the confines of the box where someone tried to put me, or more importantly where I have dared to limit myself.  I don’t define myself by what anyone else says or thinks.  I move out of my own way.  I dance away from my comfort zone — with a rhythm that defies gravity and logic and sense.  I take risks that astonish even myself.  I leave the prison of my own imaginings and I take charge of who I AM.  I leave the prison where I suffocated myself with somebody else’s foolishness and name-calling and finger-pointing with the knowledge that what you say about me only reflects on what you think about yourself.

 I know that God doesn’t look like me; I look like God — not in the physical, but in the Spirit — the energy of pure power without parameters, or definition, or limitation.  God is our Father, but God is also our wife, and our Mother, and our sister, and our girlfriend, and our daughter.  God is a dark chocolate man, a radiant old woman, a pale beige boy.  God is a sweet honey cinnamon fudge cream — God is a brown girl.  And there is no question that God is a Black Woman, as well.  If you want to worship fully and celebrate the Spirit, lift up the God in her.

Happy Father’s Day.

Namaste,  Reverend Cecilia Loving
Pastor, SPIRITMUV  (www.spiritmuv.com )

(All of the materials in SPIRITMUV email messages are copyrighted by and may not be used without the written permission of Cecilia Loving. )

Spiritual Fitness: Exercise Your “God” Muscle

Recently, I asked someone, who had made astonishing progress in their physical fitness, for their secret.   Was it strict dieting?  Water intake?  Extra cardio?  How was she losing excess body fat at such an incredible speed?  To some, her response may be surprising.  Yes, she followed a clean diet.  (A “clean” diet means that she did not eat any processed food and limited her carbohydrates to low-glycemic foods like oatmeal and sweet potatoes; limited her protein to lean sources like chicken breast, turkey and fish; and limited her vegetables to those high in antioxidants, like spinach, broccoli and asparagus.)   Yes, she weight-lifted regularly to develop muscle mass and did cardio consistently each day.  Yes, she drank plenty of water, with her goal being a gallon a day.  But she didn’t attribute her success to any of those things, she attributed her success to putting God first.

We say that we put God first in our lives, but do we really do that?  Are we really starting our day by recognizing that the Kingdom of God is within us, and by seeking first the inexhaustible supply of the universe that is right in our very midst?  Or do we choose to worship the morning news, our cup of coffee, or the increasing demands of our jobs?  Jesus says “seek first the Kingdom of God”  —  which is not the physical, material world that we live in, but the spiritual power within us.  Putting God first is the foundation of all spiritual fitness, and spiritual fitness results in the attainment of all goals — spiritual and physical — with ease and success.

Spiritual fitness is so simple that we fail to practice it because we assume that it has to be difficult.  Whenever we do pray, which for most of us is only when we want something, we actually ignore God by speaking so loudly into our own clasped hands that we drown out the infinite channels of divine good trying to respond to us.  Why would life be as simple as Jesus said, giving us answers to prayers before we even ask?

We don’t even need a gym membership to get spiritually fit, but once we center in Spirit, we will receive the guidance that we need to attain all of our goals — not just those pertaining to the body temple.  Spiritual fitness does not require us to exercise our body, it requires us to be aware of the presence of God; to ask for God’s help in accomplishing our goals — no matter how mundane; to accept God’s gifts by being our best; and to acknowledge God’s absolute good by giving thanks.

Spiritual Fitness Rule One: Awareness

The first spiritual fitness rule is awareness.  You might say, “hey, I’m aware of the presence of God; I know that God exists.”  But are you really aware that God is in the very air that you breathe and the space that you take up?  God is not some place in the distance waiting to be called or solicited through prayer; God is every aspect of who we are.  When Paul says that we live and move and have our being in God, that means that there is no separation between all that we are and all that God is.  Jesus said keep your whole eye single, which means keep your consciousness stayed on God.

We exercise awareness when we tap into and turn on the presence of God that is always within us and around us.  How do we do that?  There are millions of ways, but here is one that is very simple and takes less than five minutes.  As soon as you wake up, sit up in your bed and immediately breathe in and breathe out, focusing on the breath of life as the infinite power of God.  Seek first the Kingdom within your own consciousness, the awareness that the Kingdom of God is the only power that there is, the only strength that there is, the only supply that there is, the only peace that there is, the only source that there is.  Exercise your spiritual muscle of awareness by centering in the truth that in God, every problem is already solved, every challenge is already won, every appearance of dis-ease is already healed.  God’s good is not something that is postponed until tomorrow, it is blessing you in this instant.

Spiritual Fitness Rule Two: Asking

If you’ve taken the time to center in a conscious awareness of God’s good, then you are exercising one of the strongest spiritual muscles that there is.  But the truth is that we all need help.  We’d like to do it alone, but sometimes we get completely overwhelmed by all of the decisions that we have to make, the priorities that we have to set, and the distractions we sometimes give our energy to.  But Jesus said, if you need help, just ask.  Ask, and it shall be given.  He said, I have come so that you may have life and may have it more abundantly, so just ask for what you need.

When we exercise our spiritual muscles by asking, we are not just receiving, we are simply becoming more receptive to giving our best.  We open our consciousness to  trust the universe and find perfect order and harmony in everything that we do because we have cleared the way for God’s gifts to manifest through a consciousness that receives an unlimited supply of God’s good.

How do we ask?  There are as many ways to do so as there are people.  So here’s one method that helps me ask God each day.  Create an affirmation that you can say daily, at least one to four times each morning — that not only asks but affirms that you have already received what you desire (e.g., I am fit.  I have a new job.  My body is healed.  My book is finished).  It can be as long as you want, asking the universe for the desires that God has given you — and if not those, then something better.

If you’re always on the go like me, tape it on your cell phone or blackberry, or create an MP3 and load it onto your iPod.  I listen to my affirmations as I walk down the street because they help me stay focused on what God calls me to do.  There is no dispute that words are powerful.  Asking helps us focus the energy of our thoughts through words into the realization of our goals.  The spiritual exercise of affirming words empowered with faith help us open our consciousness to order our steps by accomplishing the things that are necessary to do what God calls us to do.

Spiritual Fitness Rule Three: Acceptance

The third spiritual exercise requires us to open our hearts to accept God’s good.  Have you ever been in a situation where you asked for something and it came so quickly that you didn’t even want it — because there was this unconscious part of you that wanted to struggle?  Or perhaps something or someone came to you so quickly that you foolishly felt that their value was diminished by their eagerness?  Or perhaps you received your blessing but you believed deep in your heart that you just weren’t good enough?  I’ve come to believe that the reason that we don’t experience our good is our own sense of doubt and fear.  We want change, and yet we have to grow through a “process” in order to accept change because if it came too fast, it would just blow us away.

How do we exercise our spiritual muscles to move our stuff out of the way so that we can accept the good that God is trying to give us?  Once again, there are many ways, but here is an exercise that works for me.   It’s simple.  Start anew.  Right now, in this instant, start anew.  And each day that you wake up, know that you are at a new beginning.  Paul said, I die daily (1 Corinthians 15:31 NKJV).  Every day, every minute, every second, God gives us a clean slate.  There is no need to carry past mistakes into the new realm of endless opportunity.  There is no need to blame anyone.  There is no need to feel guilt.  We can choose to align our movement in this universe with the divine guidance of pure love and absolute good.  There is no need to suffer.  Wear the world as a lose garment.  Do not give your energy to gossip or confusion or despair.  Take care of God’s business in the now.  There is no question that God will take care of you.

Spiritual Fitness Rule Four: Acknowledge

Spiritual exercise lays the foundation for all of our goals.  When we are centered in God, our fitness will improve quicker than we’ve ever imagined.  The right people will show up to help us.  The perfect trainer will appear.  Work-out buddies will support us.  The right eating plan will be revealed.  And in this consciousness of love, we will find that discipline will come easy.  More importantly, we will have begun the most important fitness program imaginable: one that allows us to accept our place in the Kingdom of God and move forward in all of the blessings that God is giving us.  Therefore, we have to give thanks by acknowledging God’s good.

This exercise is also simple.  Just say thank you and be grateful for what you have, as well as for what you desire.  God knows what we have need of before we even ask, so we can be grateful for it before it even manifests.  We seldom appreciate what we have until it is taken away.  We don’t appreciate our muscles until one is injured.  We don’t appreciate our discipline until we falter.  We don’t appreciate our finances until we experience the appearance of lack.  We complain about everything and everyone.  But we have so much to be thankful for.

Gratitude has an energy that awakens even more good and more  thanks.  The more thanks we give, the more we receive.  So try this exercise everyday: give thanks for everything and everyone that you think about.  If it’s an injury, bless it.  If it’s a friend or even an enemy, bless them.  If it’s a goal, thank God for its stimulus in your life.  Just give thanks for whatever comes up for you.  Even as you ask for something — give thanks that God has already heard and begun the process of answering your prayer.

If you do these spiritual exercises, I can guarantee you that you will get stronger and leaner, but most importantly, you will be spiritually fit.  Even doing one of these exercises will bless you beyond measure.  Our life is a continuous process of unfoldment, and the only way to stay in perfect shape is to honor body, mind  and spirit!


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(All of the materials in SPIRITMUV email messages are copyrighted by and may not be used without the written permission of Cecilia Loving. )