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Rev. Cecilia Loving is a diversity, inclusion and mindfulness leader. She has studied mindfulness for over 30 years and been leading mindfulness meditations on this site since 2012. She is founder, leader and teacher for SPIRITMUV: Church-in-Motion, providing the opportunity to meditate, pray, learn, read, and grow wherever you are ( GET THE FREE APP CHURCH-IN-MOTION. She is the author of PRAYERS FOR THOSE STANDING ON THE EDGE OF GREATNESS, GOD IS A BROWN GIRL TOO, GOD IS A LAWYER TOO, THE TEN LAWS OF UNLIMITED SUCCESS WORKBOOK and SEEING MYSELF AS GOD SEES ME. Rev. Loving also publishes a newsletter: sign up at by clicking on the link.



Also giving honor to Yemi Alade’s song “Wonder Woman”
excerpted here from her 2017 Album Black Magic which
can be purchased on i-Tunes

With a crown of wisdom, she is a weaver of dreams, a welder of opportunities, a molder, a shaper, a creator of endless possibilities.
Her eyes see beyond messiness, beyond confusion, beyond hatred to the pure potential of a future without judgment – with a vision clear enough to appreciate our differences of color, race, age, gender, expression, orientation, culture, lineage, thought, history, pain, blame, and shame.
Her mouth tastes the sweetness of prophecy, refraining only from the profanity of doubt, fear, disbelief, and despair.
Oh Wonder Woman, whose tongue speaks in the sound of oneness that all embryos know as soon as they are born, whose lips part with the truth that makes the world a better place, whose ears listen deeply to innovate ideas – like music making change, like jazz/gospel/blues/rap/be-bopping the sound of success, whose arms carry the persecuted, the sick, the possessed, the demonized, the blind, the traumatized.
You whose hands fold nothing but answered prayers. Your fingers touch the hem of every miracle. Your fists fight as warriors against every injustice, every poverty, every discrimination, every disease. You whose shoulders are broad enough to carry generations, whose heart is as great as every religion, every faith, every creed.
Oh Wonder Woman, Oh Hannah, Sarah, Hagar, Esther, Rachel, Ilana, Dianne, Sephardi, Mizrahi, Alysa, Oh Mary, Martha, Oh Sojourner, Harriet, Oh Maya, Oh Revital, Oh Perri, Oh, Aixa,
Oh Shanell, Oh Stephanie, Oh Sheri, Oh Mignon, Oh Lanesha, Oh Victoria, Oh Tamaya, Oh Miriam, Oh Malou, Oh Tara, Oh Gina, Oh Diana, Oh Mara, Oh Melinda, Oh Tamar, Oh Tal, Oh Myrtle, Oh Leslie, Oh Cassia, Oh Ruby, Oh Tali,
Oh nameless woman at the well, who gave birth to prophets and leaders and doctors and geniuses and gods and queens and kings, you who carry worlds in your loins.

Oh Wonder Woman, you who communicate across bandwidths and airwaves. You who heal lives. You who unite professionals. You who enact laws. You who build bridges. You who restore properties. You who develop lands.

You who serve as Council.  You who serve on the Senate. You whose age does not matter. You who close the wounds of trauma. You who break the mold.

Rev. Loving speaking on Galilee and the Mount of Beatitudes on the Mount of Beatitudes at the Sea of Galilee

You who shift the shape. You who preserve truth. You who lead colleges. You who manifest King’s Dream and then some.

Rev. Loving preparing to baptize at the Sea of Galilee

You who do the greater things that we are all called to do.
You who will not be touched or groped or violated anymore. You who are not limited to a hash tag because your magnificence makes the “me” – us.
Us Wonder Woman of glorious hope, us days are not our own, they are for greater purpose and realms of pure potential, dancing with the amazing grace that we have been summoned to restore, washing away inequity,
cleaning the disparity, dispensing with the terror, righting the wrong, healing the anger,
baptizing the anointed, holding the light for peace for generations to come.
We are Wonder Women because we are strong enough to know that one day, there will be peace, and we are bold enough and brilliant enough to behold its magnificence, find its forgiveness, bury its fault, and teach it, nurse it, and feed it from the same bosom that breathes every single soul that ever was and ever will be.
As my Mother would say, may our Circle be unbroken.

(“Wonder Women Poem,” presented in Jerusalem, Israel on May 31, 2018 at the MASHAV International Women’s Conference)



Care, Bliss and the Universe

Conflict of every kind has always been a plague that has ravaged our lives since the dawn of time. If we are not fighting against others, we are fighting against ourselves. If we are not fighting against ourselves we are fighting for an unattainable ideal, an unrealistic belief, or a toxic dogma. And so continues the eternal cycle of chaos in our lives.

Like me, you might have found that chaos comes in many shapes and forms; some obvious, some more lethal and subtle, some habitual, some gradual. But no matter what pain you are dealing with in life, know that the source of that pain comes from within you.

It took me a long time to own up to taking responsibility of myself; of the way I thought, felt and reacted to the world. Now, although I still struggle to keep perspective at times, I have got myself into…

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Highly Intuition by Huffington post


Care, Bliss and the Universe

Intuition is challenging to define, despite the huge role it plays in our everyday lives. Steve Jobs called it, for instance, “more powerful than intellect.” But however we put it into words, we all, well, intuitively know just what it is.

Pretty much everyone has experienced a gut feeling — that unconscious reasoning that propels us to do something without telling us why or how. But the nature of intuition has long eluded us, and has inspired centuries’ worth of research and inquiry in the fields of philosophy and psychology.

Cognitive science is beginning to demystify the strong but sometimes inexplicable presence of unconscious reasoning in our lives and thought. Often dismissed as unscientific because of its connections to the psychic and paranormal, intuition isn’t just a bunch of hoo-ha about our “Spidey senses”.

1. Listen to that inner voice

In order to make our best decisions, we need a…

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A Narcissists Worst Nightmare: An Educated Empath by Simple Capacity


Care, Bliss and the Universe

Some facts are surprising, so brace yourself for the one I am going to hit you with-out of the narcissists, empaths and sociopaths, the smartest group of people are the empaths. Yes, take a moment as you let the info sink it…

The empaths share a relationship that is often dangerously close to being abusive because we must not forget that emotional abuse, if not worse, is as bad as physical abuse. It is a widely known fact that the two groups of the narcissists and sociopaths often exploit the empaths, given the inherent kindness that they all possess. What the sociopaths and narcissists don’t know is that the kindness is a conscious choice the empaths make and if they don’t, they would be in for a lot more trouble than they can even possibly imagine.

Although the general belief is that the narcissists and sociopaths possess more than average…

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8 Things that People with High Emotional Intelligence Simply Don’t Do by Justin Gammill


Care, Bliss and the Universe

In life, emotions can be like the winds that blow us off track on the path to achieving whatever it is that we want to accomplish. That is why, in my opinion, of all of the life skill that a person can possess, emotional intelligence is as important as mental intelligence when it comes to being successful. That being said, emotional intelligence is tricky.

It is all about keeping your emotions in check, instead of letting them rule your life. You have to understand your emotions as a tool, and not as a burden. Again, this is all easier said than done, so here are 8 things to keep in mind that emotionally intelligent people don’t do.

1. Their Emotional Base is Not External

One key to emotional intelligence is understanding that your feelings are not someone else’s fault. They are your own. You can’t expect people to always know…

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I’m glad to be in 2017, meditating, dancing, creating, establishing, loving, laughing, eating, exercising, giving, and growing into 2018.
I feel blessed to have an opportunity to resolve yet again that I’m going to do something to make my life and the lives of others better.  I choose to use the energy of this season to recognize the infinite power in me to demonstrate the awesome presence, wisdom and grace of love.
This is my dance: one of absolute good, expressing itself as the most loving person I can be.  In this infinite light of love, I resolve to be worry-free, debt-free, guilt-free, shame-free, blame-free, doubt-free – living a life of moments rather than mere days, but moments that are mindful about breathing in nothing but the pure power of possibility.  Like Joseph in the ancient, sacred text (Genesis 50:20), I like that even what somebody else intends for evil, God simply blesses me with, without ceasing.  I, like Jesus Christ, can call it all good (John 7:24): the appearances bless me, bless us, restore us.
14Here and now, I am liberated to love the power of Spirit like nothing else: to love it morning, noon and night and in that well-spring of love to be the best that I am called to be.  I am liberated from any requirement as to what form or shape my “best” will take.  The blessing is in the divine idea of simply being.
How liberating it is to walk into the New Year unencumbered by mistakes or regret.  How great it is to know that the truth that sets us free is being one with now.  The truth is that we are one with absolute good right now – good that is always expressing in, as and through us.  The truth is that the pure consciousness of God radiates through every cell of our body, awareness of our mind and expansion of our soul.  The truth is that God really does do the work that we are appointed to do.  The truth is that Spirit opens new doors, creates new circumstances, and gives us what we need before we even ask.  In this consciousness of grace, we can release needing, wanting or desiring and instead accept the infinite blessings that the universe is breathing through each one of us.
I resolve to forgive myself for everything I started to do but didn’t, wanted to do but forgot, or did do but failed to appreciate.  If I can’t do it, I won’t.  If I must do it, I’ll try.  If I don’t do it – well, there’s always next time.  The good thing about forgiveness is that we can do it right now, and it’s done. I release all obligations, all debts and all concerns of myself and others.  Yes, I forgive seventy times seven, and in the energy of the seven of completion, I let go and move forward to do the greater things that I must do, can do, and will do.
I leap into the awareness that I am free in the fluid stream of absolute good and marvelous in the manifestation that my goals are accomplished the moment that I claim them: the rest of the time is merely the process that I must grow through to accept their completion.  Here is to perfect health, wholeness and mindful acceptance of beauty, movement, lifting, energy and grace.

I resolve to love, and this resolution to be the pure power of love everywhere present expresses itself right now.  This is a no-brainer: a simple truth that can be used to harmonize any situation.  I am love right now, and I love unconditionally.  The bible can be summed up in this one resolution: love.  As John said, God is love.  I allow the loving energy of God to express in, as and through me right now.
I resolve to laugh.  We can’t take ourselves too seriously.  Otherwise, we will stop the endless flow of God’s good due to our own rigidity.  When we take ourselves too seriously, we do not keep our consciousness open to receive the blessings that are always calling us.  We place boundaries before blessings.   But with laughter, we are blessed to not hold grudges, to wear the world as a lose garment, to refuse to worry about what others think of us.
I resolve to dream.  Dreaming of endless possibilities and inexhaustible supply is the gift of being alive.  This is another resolution that is not confined by 365 days; we can dream right now and be done with it.  Or we can continue to be anointed by the grace of God’s favor dreaming through us.  It’s our choice: to be given the gift of dreaming Spirit’s divine call whenever we desire.  I resolve to dream as often as I desire, stepping well beyond the conventionality of the box in which I thought I was limited.  Spirit gives shape to divine intention through our dreams.
I resolve to give.  This is the answer to the question that is always asked: what is my purpose in life?  The truth is that I am here to give.  When we are consciously aware that we are here to bless, we stop holding back our good and instead give.  Give smiles.  Give hellos.  Give thank yous and you’re welcomes.  Give encouragement, handwritten notes, high fives, subway fare, spare change.  Give secretly, for nothing in return – not even the right to say, “I gave.”  We don’t even have to keep track of when we have to give.  Giving feels so good that the universe will provide so many opportunities that we don’t even have to be aware of them.
I resolve to listen.  We are all one with the pure consciousness of God speaking everywhere present.  We just haven’t taken the time to listen.  Listening hears the whole being of God emanating as us. We listen every day to  We listen to the eternal breath of Spirit move through us as the completion of all good.  This resolution can be accomplished right now, in a single breath.  Breathing in, I listen.  Breathing out, I hear.  Listening has no agenda: we just are.
I resolve to create.  The truth is the “I” that creates is the “I AM” of God energizing, igniting and enjoying life in endless shapes, forms and dimensions.  No need to worry about the old ideas; the universe is filled with new ones.  By resolving to create, we open our consciousness to allow Spirit to co-create through us.  No need to judge our creations.  Creativity is bigger than us.  Whether we witness it or not, God’s good is always using us to bless others.  In the power of this resolution, we allow ourselves – here and now – to be the conduit of change and transformation.
I resolve to heal.  This resolution only requires the acceptance of grace.  In grace, we are whole.  In grace, we are lifted from our mats of affliction and realize that there is no sickness, illness, frailty or infirmity in the kingdom of God.  Right here and now, we accomplish the wholeness of Spirit and know that we are well.  We can look in the mirror of Christ consciousness and see ourselves as we really are.
I resolve to grow.  The humility of not knowing is a constant blessing.   I study the truth that sets me free.  The teachers that I need reveal themselves to me.  The books that I must read fall from wisdom’s shelves and open without prodding.  My eyes fall on the perfect words.  The students who bless me with guidance appear.  The journeys that I must take provide new paths.  The questions that I must raise ask themselves.  The epiphany of realization always blesses us.
I resolve to harvest.  We take advantage of so much that we have not worked for.  This is the season – right where we are – to reap what we have not sown.  We are enjoying so much for little that we take it for granted.  This season, I will open my eyes and experience each blessing: the beautiful apples, the smell of butternut squash soup, the rising of the sun, the solitude of the darkness, the tapestry of autumn leaves, the sound of waves at the shore.   Every day of the year, we can celebrate the harvest of the kingdom in whatever form or shape it takes.
I resolve to praise.  In fact, I praise and give thanks right now.  I give praise and thanks for health of mind, body and soul.  I give praise and thanks for my family – my marital, biological, spiritual, and work family and friends.  I give praise and thanks for the daily manna that God gives me to take care of every need.  I give praise and thanks for this country and this world and for the ability to keep everyone in the universe raised in perfect success.
I resolve to enjoy.  This is not going to be a month where I look back with regret or criticism because I enjoyed life a little too much.  I saved a little less, spent a bit more or just chilled out.  I resolve here and now that I will enjoy life – every tree, every manger, every carol, every taste of pleasure created for our benefit.  This, too, will I resolve to do each month and at every opportunity.  I will visit, celebrate, cook, dance, sing, swim, hike, run, drive, write, draw, paint, participate, preach, lift, work, walk, shop, and play by enjoying life.
In 2015, I declared that no-fault resolutions can’t go wrong because we are relieved from the responsibility of doing any more than what we will.  This re-mix recognizes that nothing is required except to lift up the awareness of Spirit moving through our lives each and every moment except to be still, and know.  In this awareness: I resolve to be one with each moment, and I let go of everyone and everything.

In letting go, I welcome each moment as a new me.

Happy New You!!!


he act of cutting off our own hands is a powerful image; the sacrifice of the flesh may appear gruesome, but it symbolizes overcoming physical attachment to attain spiritual consciousness. The Bible does not really mean for us to cut off our hands. The mes- sage of this passage is that we must make absolutely sure that nothing in our lives is out of sync with Spirit, which expresses through us as love for all living creatures and certainly for all people. We are being asked to cut off and cast away from us, to move through, pass over, or release whatever or whoever is not in our best interest. We may have attempted to release the situation or person many times before without success. But the process of releasing a thing or person and moving on is a journey in and of itself. Sometimes we need to center ourselves in Spirit to more clearly understand what or whom we need to release. Sometimes the person has departed or the situation has ended and we do not even realize that we are still holding on. No matter what form the attachment takes, we become conscious of it when Spirit calls us to move outside of our comfort zone and let go of whatever is keeping us from moving forward in our lives.

Forgiveness is important for prayer to work. In Matthew 5:22–24, Jesus said, “But I tell you that anyone who is angry with his brother will be subject to judgment … Therefore, if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother has some- thing against you, leave your gift there in front of the altar. First go and be reconciled to your brother; then come and offer your gift.” The gift that we bring to the altar is prayer. We must first reconcile with those who we need to forgive before offering our prayers. This does not mean that you have to have someone ask for forgiveness or even that you must provide a verbal forgiveness. It means that in your heart, you must forgive them. Prayer without forgiveness does not work.

When we pray, we are not asking God for anything; we are realizing our oneness with God, with Spirit. We cannot realize our oneness with Spirit when our thoughts are being tainted by harmful, negative, unforgiving thoughts. It is difficult to become centered in the consciousness of God if we are angry, resentful, uptight, afraid, spiteful, or envious.

Whatever the challenge, we need to let go of the past to open the flow of our ultimate greatness. By releasing what is not in our best interests, we free ourselves to move forward: physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

The most important lesson I learned in the past decade is that forgiveness is not for the person I need to forgive; forgiveness is for me. When we hold resentment against anyone, we bind ourselves to that person; we give that person power over us, so much that the blockage interferes with ou rspiritual awareness. In Romans 12:2, Paul said, “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” The more we change our level of thinking from being limited to what we believe we can do in the physical world, the sooner our prayers can be answered. There is no question that God can answer our prayers by God’s grace, despite our failures or refusals to center ourselves in Christ consciousness. But when we realize that Spirit is always allowing us to manifest our desires through the right state of consciousness, we relieve our sufferiing and begin to manifest our goals with greater ease.

In Jeremiah 29:11–14, the prophet tells us that God said, “For I know the plans I have for you … plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all of your heart.” True prayer, then, is the act of seeking God with all of our heart, which is seeking Spirit without the baggage of hurt or resentment that we all love to lug around. True prayer is the process centering in divine love by releasing and letting go. John said “God is love.” (1 John 4:16) True prayer or communion with God is the realization of the love that expresses as us; we are made in the image and likeness of God. When we truly pray, we embrace that image and likeness.

Prayer is not about trying to reach God or inform God about our troubles. Prayer is the act of centering in the consciousness that God is the infinite source of all within and without. We do not pray to God; we pray from the consciousness of God. God is already praying through us. We are already one with God. All we need to do is acknowledge our oneness. When we acknowledge our oneness, we open our minds and hearts to receive God’s blessings. Prayer is the opening through which we enter into this acknowledgement of our oneness; it is the portal through which we embrace our relationship with the Divine. We are like prodigal sons coming home to the Father who has always been there for us.

Whewbelievthat God is blessing us, we realize our oneness with God. Whewrealizouoneneswith God, our desires manifest. Wdnogewhawasfor, but what we believe we will receive.  Whewbelievwwilgewhawasfor, we will receive it.

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Congressman Tim Ryan’s book A MINDFUL NATION is a must read.  It’s what many of us have stressed for years, but now that our leaders are focused on mindfulness, I am excited that time has arrived for the masses to pay attention.  THE FOLLOWING IS AN EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK, which can be purchased on line and wherever books are sold.

“Mindfulness helped me become aware of how my body and mind reacted to the stress of daily life, to get in touch with how my built-in survival mechanism could go into high gear when it had no valid reason to. I could feel myself tense up if someone told me something I didn’t want to hear. I would lose focus during a conversation because I was fretting about something that happened hours before. I looked at my BlackBerry messages first thing in the morning and got thrown into a tailspin before I even got out of bed. This made me curious about what exactly is happening to the brain and nervous system when we are constantly taking in all of this negativity and whether mindfulness can help with it.”

“Another finding that demonstrates improved brain health is what is called the left shift. That is, mindfulness has been found to cause a shift toward the left frontal region of the brain, where more positive mental states are activated. So neuroscientific research supports the claim that mindfulness helps us approach situations with greater resilience and without negative emotions such as fear. This finding was observed in a study conducted by Jon Kabat-Zinn in collaboration with the neuroscientist Dr. Richard Davidson. The results, based on studying people trained in Jon’s program called Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), are described in a book called The Mindful Brain by Daniel J. Siegel: A “left-shift” has been noted, in which the left frontal activity of the brain is enhanced following MBSR training. This electrical change in brain function is thought to reflect the cultivation of an “approach state” in which people move toward, rather than away from, a challenging external situation or internal mental function such as a thought, feeling, or memory. Naturally, such a state can be seen as the neural basis for resilience.”

“When a stressful situation comes upon us—a personal conflict with a co-worker, our daughter wanting to stay out after midnight, a road-rager disrupting the conference call we’re conducting by Bluetooth while driving to work—the human mind and body handle it the same way it did 100,000 years ago. Two key parts of our brain are involved: the hippocampus, a small structure near the base of the brain with the size and shape of a small seahorse; and the amygdala, almond-shaped groups of nuclei in the midsection of the brain.”

“The perceptual information is arranged and passed to the hippocampus, which rapidly determines whether it’s real or not. If the hippocampus identifies the incoming information as threatening, it sends alarm bells to the amygdala and we go into red alert, sending out the hormones that create the superfocus in our body and mind that put our ancestors in a position to deal with a wild animal on the attack.”

“Dr. Davidson reminded me that the stress-generating process has served our species well for thousands of years. We are here today because of it. As amazing and necessary as this process is, though, it is not meant to happen 24 hours a day, day in and day out. It’s meant to happen only when our lives are at risk or a major situation is at hand. One of the challenges for those of us alive today is that our brain and body cannot easily distinguish a real physical threat from an emotional one like having a bad nightmare and waking up with a racing heart or recalling a traumatic event.”

“The events in the nightmare didn’t really happen; the traumatic event is not recurring. Responding to perceived threats takes a toll on our bodies. The same goes for an anticipated negative future situation. Our body goes through the full-scale stress reaction. It’s like bringing out all the fire engines and firefighters to a five-alarm fire that turns out to be a false alarm. If we live in a state of worry or regret, this process is going on inside of us all the time. Should we really wonder why we are tired so often and why we can’t seem to get our energy levels up? Why we drink too much or eat too much? All of the worry and negativity is setting our body off on a roller coaster of hormone release and decimating our nervous system. We get down, worn out, beat up. And when we get sick, Dr. Davidson says, all this stress makes it worse.”

“I can feel the stress and heartache emanating from these friends and neighbors. I see 55-year-old people who have worked hard their whole lives lose everything. Mothers weep as they tell me about not having health care for their children. This is real-world stress that doesn’t go away after a few minutes. It lasts for days, weeks, months, and years. Whether someone has long periods of stress because of difficult, real-life challenges like job loss or lack of health care, or whether the stress is from self-created stories filled with negative thoughts that never come to pass, it leads to chronic stimulation of our sympathetic nervous system. Apparently, sustained stress causes inflammation in various parts of our body. We are literally inflamed, with all the negative effects that implies. This then leads to heart disease . . . .”

“When psychologist Amishi Jha came to meet and talk with me in my congressional office in Washington, I began to learn more about these other dimensions of the power of mindfulness. I was reminded of the benefits that Bella seemed to be experiencing in her Tae Kwon Do class and that I thought would be helpful for our schoolchildren and our teachers—and for our military. When I first met her, Dr. Jha was at the University of Pennsylvania. Now she is spearheading the NIH-funded neuroimaging and health initiative, as Associate Professor within the department of psychology at the University of Miami. Her lab focuses on how attention and working memory can be enhanced. These are two important cognitive systems that interact with each other to allow for fluid behavior. Attention allows for selection.”The principle of neuroplasticity means that the brain can change and grow through our entire lifetime. This is one of the most encouraging discoveries in recent times, and it gives us all the more reason to want to practice mindfulness. “Neuroscientists discovered that everything they told us when I was a graduate student in biology about the nervous system was wrong,” Jon told me, “in the sense that in certain regions of the nervous system you can make new functional neurons until the day you die. Particularly in the hippocampus, which is related to memory and learning. It turns out it’s not all downhill from the time we’re two years old.” A smile came to my face as I realized that we have ongoing influence over how we are wired. The fact that our brain is always changing means we’re not “locked in” to having the stress superhighway built into our nervous system. We can keep that road there for when we need it. The cutting-edge research today shows us how mindfulness can help us reshape our brain and nervous system.”

“We mentioned how a lot of stress can hypercharge our amygdala, which in turn makes it thicker because of all the activity. Now studies by Dr. Sara Lazar, of Harvard University’s Massachusetts General Hospital, are suggesting that after an eight-week MBSR program at least one side of the amygdala gets thinner. By practicing mindfulness we can change the way our brain functions. Most important, we can change it in the direction of balance and in fact in the direction of kindness. . . . .”

PICK UP A COPY OF Ryan, Tim. A Mindful Nation: How a Simple Practice Can Help Us Reduce Stress, Improve Performance, and Recapture the American Spirit

LIVING YOUR DESIRED FUTURE IN THE PRESENT – Part 12 – Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself


This audio tape is the studied chapter from the book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself,  by Joe Dispenza, which you can purchase on Amazon.  We are also excerpting the music of Peter Kater and R. Carlos Nakai , “Becoming Human” and Wade Imre Morissette “Still,” which can be purchased on i-Tunes.
“You have all the neurological machinery to transcend time, to make this a skill. What some might call miracles, I describe as cases of individuals working toward changing their state of being, so that their bodies and minds are no longer merely a record of their past but become active partners, taking steps to a new and better future.”
“Transcending the Big Three: Peak Experiences and Ordinary Altered States of Consciousness At this point, you understand that the main obstacle to breaking the habit of being yourself is thinking and feeling equal to your environment, your body, and time. . . .”

We will continue on Monday, at 8 PM, by calling 218-936-4986, pass code 48201.
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